Here’s a list of some of our most common repairs, and their cost. These prices are subject to change, but they rarely do. Please contact us today for information on other services. We cover repairs and modifications of all kinds: neck resets, bridge re-gluing, binding repair, routing, hardware changes, and dozens of other things.

Bench Rate

When diagnosing problems, installing basic hardware, etc., a standard rate of $75 per hour/$1.25 per minute applies. There is a minimum bench fee of $15


Putting a new set of strings on your instrument. Strings are not included. $10 (+$5 for more than 8 strings; +$5 for locking tremolo; +$10 for nylon/classical)

Basic Setup

An adjustment of your truss rod and bridge for uniformly low action across the fretboard. $25 (+$5 for 12-string; +$10 for locking tremolo)

Other aspects of the Advanced Setup are available for a nominal fee; you do not need to pay for them all if you don’t need them all.

An adjustment of your truss rod and bridge for uniformly low action across the fretboard; dressing up to 5 frets to relieve fret buzz; setting intonation; adjusting nut slots; fretboard cleaning and fret buffing; clean and polish. $60 (+$5 for 12-string; +$10 for locking tremolo)

Advanced Setup

Removing the old nut and installing a new Graphtech (synthetic bone) nut, then filing the nut slots to ensure proper string height. The cost of the nut is included. Other nut materials are availably by request, some for an additional fee. $35 (+$10 for Fender-style nuts)

New Nut

Leveling high frets to improve action and remove string buzzing, followed by a fret dressing and crowning. $75

Fret Leveling

Filing the ends of the frets so the edges of the fingerboard are not sharp. $35

Sharp Fret Ends

Adding, removing, replacing, or modifying the electronics. The standard bench rate minimum of $15 applies, plus the following rates. If a bunch of components are being replaced, you will probably qualify for a discount.

Output jack - $15
Volume/tone potentiometer - $15 each
New pickups - $25 each
Pickup selector switch - $20 (Fender style) / $30 (Gibson style)
Push/pull potentiometer - $30
EMG 18V mod - $20


Headstock Repair

Repairing a broken/detached headstock, most common on Les Paul-style guitars. $80


Removing the old finish and adding a new color/clearcoat. By quote only

A custom electric guitar stars at $800; a custom bass guitar starts at $900. We run promotions on our mailing list all the time. Contact us today for a quote or more information.

Custom Instruments